Monday, January 14, 2008

Grilled Pound Cake Sandwich

My dad traditionally makes pound cake for my mom's birthday. This is a treat for us kids because we only get it once a year too. Me and my sister were going to the dentist for our annual checkups and while I was in the waiting room I started looking at a Southern Living magazine. There was a grilling section and I was looking through it. There was a dessert and I started looking at it. It was for a grilled pound cake sandwich. I was lucky that it was the time of my mother's birthday so I showed the article to my mom. She liked the idea of making it so we copied the recipe. We grilled hamburgers on Saturday and while the grill was still hot I made the dessert. Here is the recipe, and a picture.

Grilled Pound Cake Sandwich


*Pound Cake
*Strawberry Cream Cheese
*Ice Cream


*make pound cake according to recipe
*cut large slice in half
*spread a good amount of cream cheese onto cake
*put on grill until grill marks appear
*serve with ice cream and frozen fruit



Tammy said...

Your mom called just to tell me how tasty this was! Guess you'll have to make it for me when you make that SECRET tilapia recipe! :o)
Aunt Tammy said...

Wow, Ben, I gained ten pounds just reading that recipe! I like pound cake, too, but I confess my favorite part of the recipe is the berries. I admit, I wouldn't mind trying a piece, it does sound good.
Best wishes and Happy New Year
-Uncle Allen