Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ben's Cooking Interest

My(Ben) cooking interest really peaked when, to my surprise, my parents purchased me a grill! I've been interested in cooking since I was old enough to do so. I would just help my mom out with mixing the ingredients and putting the cookie dough on the cookie sheet, and other simple things like that.

My first item I grilled was the frozen burgers you can find at Wal-Mart. Then I started grilling fresh hamburgers, such as Italian herb burgers, then hot dogs and sausages, and even steaks! My brother was so impressed that instead of going out to eat for prom he asked my sister and I to grill and bake for his friend and his dates!

I also have grilled chicken breast that my mom usually broiled. When I was gone to Nebraska my mom broiled them and she said the broiling pan was dusty. The last item that I've grilled was the kabobs. Since we are remodeling the kitchen there hasn't been much cooking going on lately:-(


Barbara Allen Moore said...

Wow Ben you look like a pro!

Siblings Meet Kitchen! said...
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azimuth.solar said...

Ben, you make George Foreman look like a rank amateur when it comes to grilling!

You know I'm a vegetarian, although occasionally I eat fish (so I'm not completely vegetarian, am I ?). Let me know when you grill up some tempeh burgers, or vegetable kabobs, or even some rainbow trout-- I'll be on the next plane to Temple!

Yours Truly,
Uncle Allen